June 11, 2007

has gone well.  Currently looking for a commercial property to buy, all sorts of cheep property around here.

Do yourself a flavor and go get the new Mark Ronson album “Version”. All sorts of covers re-sung by some of this years best artists.

more later!



My Blog Is Bloring

April 28, 2007

At the request of a friend, I was told to stop writing stupid short posts about music for a while, and to talk about me. Well Keri, here ya go.

Life has been strange these last few months. I am leaving a place I’ve considered home for 14 years, and going to a place I was avidly against moving to. However, I have since found myself looking forward to having this much change in life. Change is good, right?

The next few months should be rather exciting:

May – Move

June – Start new job

July – Friends come and visit

August – Europe (Not Confirmed)

September – New House?

Oct-Dec – PARTAY!

Ok, maybe that last part might change…

Oh yeah, forgot to mention I’m single again. So Keri, hook me up!