new music!

August 29, 2007

so i have hit a rut here lately. up until last week, I had not even had any new good music to listen to. thank God that changed recently :

First off,

Laura Imbruglia – too bad I didn’t hear her stuff earlier. her self titled debut came out last year and i am just now hearing about it. yes, her sister is Natalie Imbruglia, but a last name is about the only similar thing the two share. I think Laura is half psycho, but I always had a thing for crazy chicks.

Tegan & Sara – new album “the con” is pretty much awesome. rough and not over produced sounding. really matches up well with their vox.

Eisley – “combinations” is the title of their new release. it’s has some great tracks. another plus, they are currently touring with mute math. so go see em both.

minipop – ok, these guys are awesome. in my opinion, the should be the band touring with mute math. their debut “a new hope” is scheduled for release in november. it’s the only album i would consider actually buying if i have to.


p.s. – check out BNC. more on this later.