Oversaturation Of “Junk” Music + Advent Of P2P + Industry Failure To Adapt = Inevitable Demise

April 24, 2007

Yes it’s true,

The music industry is crumbling. I’m not telling you anything most of you don’t already know.

Have a look.

So where does that leave us? The musicians, the middle men as it seems….

There seems to be a lot of people preaching the demise, but not a lot of solutions to how to go about successfully pushing a genuinely “good” product. I think it might be a little too early to know exactly what the future holds, but there are some out there that are doing something right.

Case and point.

Good old fashioned self promotion and hard work seem to be a great start for a successful new gameplan that some bands are smart enough to start utilizing. Go figure.

Much more to come…



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