Emo Sucks, So Stop Sending Me Friend Requests

April 24, 2007

I consider myself to be pretty tolerant to most types of music. I can appreciate the production values of music when the music alone can’t hold my interest for one second.
2 exceptions:



If you want to make a “career” out of looking and sounding the same as 12 bazillion  other “musicians” out there, be my guest. But PLEASE, stop flooding my myspace inbox with friend requests and messages telling me to check out your band. Obviously you really don’t want me as a fan because your music makes me want to kill you to make the noise stop. Even worse is this Screamo crap. Not only does your music blow, but now I cant hear you, or anything else for that matter cause you blew out my speakers.

Music was based on individualism, can we please return to that?

Not to say all the bands I listen to are charting new territory, but at least their music is catchy.


Grant it, every track is not a winner, but take “My Moon, My Man”. Strangely reminiscent of early B-52’s.  I don’t think I could make 3 cords any more catchy. I could dance to that, and I don’t dance.




One Response to “Emo Sucks, So Stop Sending Me Friend Requests”

  1. jen said

    expertly stated.

    thank you.



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